Why hiking while fasting?

Walking for pleasure is a relatively recent concept. The English habit of "going for a walk" serves a somewhat dubious purpose; Rousseau understood a walk a being a mean to "free my spirit... to clarify my thoughts... to throw me into the vastness of nature."

Georges Macaulay Trevelyan saw walking in a more fundamental light when he described himself as having "two doctors, my left and my right leg".

Part of the undeniable charm of going for a walk is that we don't have to analyse why we are doing it. We can invent all manner of reasons, be it health or physical-prowess, self-reliance or character-building, or simply nature-worship. It is a pastime that appeals to pilgrims and romantics, tourers and athletes, tramps and intellectuals ramblers and backpackers.

Above the beginning of Jonathan Abery's introduction of Corfu's Book of Walks.

Joel Jasmine Forestbird


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