What is fasting?

Fasting is a traditional cleansing method going back to all ancient civilizations; Fasting is a voluntary abstention from food with the exception of water. "When the body is loaded with impure moods it makes it endure hunger: it dries up and purifies" said the Greek scholar Hippocrates.

We can stay several weeks without eating, but only a few days without drinking. We do not have a lot of water. Nevertheless, we do have food reserves in our tissues. Great traditional medicines have always used it as a preventive or curative. Accompanied by a professional and supported by the energy of the group, it is a cleansing, energising and unique experience to live by and discover.

Why fasting?

There are many reasons to fast but the first one would be to give a bit of time off to our digestive organisms.

Our body is constantly working, digesting, producing energy and therefore accumulating toxins. Our modern Western life style with its multiple solicitations or snacking offers has increased and enriched our daily food ration. We eat more but we also move and exorcise less... while studies have proven that the secret of longevity is to actually do the opposite!

Weight Loss?

Losing weight is often the first motivation for those who decide to start fasting. People who hike during their fasting retreat week (highly recommended as the body moves, sweats and expels the toxins more efficiently) can loose between 5 to 15 kilos. But if you go back to your old habits as soon as the retreats is over, the effect won't last and you will certainly gain this weight again. Your body does not take revenge or "store" food after a shortage... 

If you're overweight, fasting and therefore loosing weight will naturally help you with hypertension, diabetes, excess of cholesterol and uric acid. But fasting is not designed to be a weight-loss treatment.

New Habits / Eating differently 

After a fast, our body is lighter, less rusty and more energised. It's the perfect moment for good resolutions and new healthy habits. Losing weight should only be a starter. During each fasting retreat, I emphasise on mediation, new nutrition habits and physical exercices. I believe these are the key elements to have a better awareness of our body and a better way to manage our own personal health.

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