An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Why entrepreneurs should orgasm daily!

As many of us, I have a tendency to stress, mood variation, mild depression, eating disorders, compensation for lack of love, attention, or self respect with unhealthy habits. These are unfortunately common emotions but very bad routines for active people or entrepreneurs : I need a clear mind and a fully energised body to take the best decisions and not a brain clouded by tensions or toxins.

As I have learnt that nature often gives us natural and free tools to fight our issues, in this case, stress in all its form, and because I am really curious in finding out what the consequences of a daily "finger painting" would be on my brain, I have used my own body for a new experience and had an orgasm a day for a month.

My orgasms could either be through masturbation or with the help of a really appreciated volunteer/partner. ;)

An orgasm is, of course, that explosive, blissful moment when all of our sexual stars align and the vagina contracts in intensely pleasurable waves. But it's more than that! Orgasms release a powerhouse of hormones that include oxytocin, testosterone, and oestrogen.

Maybe for men this will sound like quite an evidence (or normal) but for 91% of women, a daily orgasm is something really, really rare. Only 9% of us "climax" everyday, even during teenage years as we don't experience the urge to come 3 times a day or very active sexual times.

Also, women do feel to tend more shame surrounding masturbation than men. Feeling that it's a taboo, or dirty which obviously isn't but still.

My process...

Everyday, I try to find a moment for what I call with a smile now, my "10 min of experiment". I have a Vibro G-Vibe (that I love) to help for when I am on my own and videos... I had never been into porn before and I can't really say I am now but I use PornHub (am i then?).

I have fun watching some porn and ... lesbian porn. I've never had any "real" lesbian relation before but no conversation with Freud needed here, Glamour explains it all :

"Lesbian sex: Interestingly, this fantasy is common even for women who identify as straight. It might be the mild frisson of taboo still attached to same-sex interactions, or it might be that lesbian sex tends to focus on the things that actually get most women off: oral sex, fingering, and other clitoris focused activities. Craving sex with another woman could mean you’re actually attracted to women, but it also might not; either way, it can be fun to imagine!"

I also really enjoying watching the sex scenes with Tommy Shelby, Richard Madden in Bodyguard or Norman Reedus in Sky. They are 100% Success guarantee for me and I wish someone would find the time to edit and upload a combo of the best scenes on YouTube.


In the past, I had often refrained my body's sexual needs: "I can live without it" or "I'm not really into sex right now" were the king of thing that I would believe or would say.

Doing this "experiment" was a way to step out of my confort zone. I knew this zone wasn't comfortable anyway, so I had to find new things that would make me feel better, and for good! :)

After only a couple of days of "practice", I could already notice differences in my body and in my mood.

I would laugh more often, my skin looked nicer and I could feel that I was "back in the game!"

My body started asking for it... and I wouldn't miss my "10 min of experiment"!

I was always happy to find a moment for it and when I couldn't, my body would keep reminding me. This constant reminder was quite new to me but mostly made me smile. Now when my body ask for its 10/20 min of pleasure, I give it to it and the more I do it, the more euphoric I feel. I sing, I smile, I dance in the elevator.

Up to an hour after the "climax", I still feel the "pleasurable waves" in my belly. It's really powerful.

Since that I am not ignoring the sexual energy of my body anymore and have learnt even more ways to get myself off, my body rewards me by making me crave more sex and connection, and, as result, making myself feel attractive again.

Also men hit on me much more than they used to! Or at least, now I get their "signal" while maybe in the past I would have ignored it.

There could be a couple of reasons for that: I'm nicer, less stressed, I smile more. It doesn't mean that I open for sex with anybody but more open to my own sexuality. And men or (partners or sexually active encounters) can "feel" that.

Do you remember the story of courtisanes who would put a bit of their lady parts’ scent behind their ears to attract men? It’s a fun experiment to observe.

It's called pheromones:

"If these claims are true, pheromones may make us more attractive to potential mates by bringing out our best qualities and allowing us to appear more self-assured and relaxed. That "feeling of well being" may also make us a lot more pleasant to be around. ABC News

I sleep like a baby and no PMS!

There is another massive advantage at playing with myself more often, is that :

I didn't have to endure ANY premenstrual syndrome (PMS) this month. NONE!

I usually suffer from severe breast pain, starting about 15 days before my period. I usually take Evening-primroses which helps but I am still in pain. What worked in the past is when I would have high level of monthly triathlon training. Sports realising serotonin like sex do? That might be the explanation. Less tiring to come tho. ;)

Last but not least: I sleep like a baby!

While I sometimes I couldn't go to bed before 2 or 3 am, I now fall asleep before midnight and wake up fresh and in a good mood in the morning. I cannot say that my productivity has increased yet (as I now need to find 10 extra minutes daily on my schedule) but I'm nicer for sure.

The science?

Orgasms release a powerhouse of hormones that include oxytocin, testosterone, and oestrogen. They're the best medicine imaginable to keep your hormones in balance, reduce anxiety, improve your sex life, and promote a more restful sleep, thanks to serotonin released during orgasm.

They might even make you a kinder... Sex is healthy and free!

"An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away"

Orgasms release dopamine, which makes you feel great. Daily orgasms can lower your stress levels, which will positively impact your wellbeing in more than one way (they bring down cortisol levels, lower weight, increase fertility, etc). When you orgasm, your heart rate increases, which helps strengthen your heart and lower your blood pressure. Daily orgasms can lead to a longer life. and also boost your immune system!

Now that the experiment is over, I have to say that I have switched it to a lifetime experiment...

Meaning that ... I mean you know what I mean. ;)

WARNING: Be aware that starting to "auditioning the finger puppets" regularly opens a new world... you pretty much think about it much more often.

Women, if you'd like to share what turns you on the most, I'd be curious to know. Men as well but I expect more the common videos. Surprise me! :)


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