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Fascinated by the results of effective healing medicines (Naturopathy, Nutrition & Fasting Therapies) and natural practices on her own issues, Josephine Declerck (Anglo-French) opened My Natural Doctor in London in 2019.

After a long battle with overweight, bulimia, candidose, food intolerances and chronic stress, she discovered several healing technics like the Buchinger Fasting therapy, Keto Diet, breathing and meditation exercices which profoundly helped her.

Astonished by the results on her body and mind, she travelled to India, France and Germany to discover the secrets of Fasting with its pioneers and became a strong advocate of the "Daily Healthy Routine".

Today she shares her passion with you in one to one nutrition & naturopathic consultations. In the comfort of your own home or by video conferences, she helps you to get started with health issues, healthier habits or during talking therapies.

As a healthy living goes with healthy eating, Josephine has founded a 100% organic food company named Eathical.

Currently training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners, she also runs projects like  


Why Nutrition & Neuro-Nutrition, Fasting and Naturopathy? 

It can help with


Our bodies are often overwhelmed due to the volume of toxins present in the water, air, food, or in our prescribed medicines. Healing or thinking clearly requires a detoxification of both the mind and the body. 

Losing weight is often the first motivation to fast. But if we go back to your old habits as soon as the retreats is over, the effect don't last and we certainly gain weigh again. All our programs are accompanied by healthy nutrition workshops and meditation classes, to learn new habits.  

Weight Loss 

Fasting cleanses the body from its addictive substances such as nicotine, caffeine or other drugs. After a fast, we feel stronger to resist the weakened urges.

This strength is reinforced by the practice of meditation learnt during our retreats.  

Cure for illnesses

Fasting can be used in prevention, to improve one's health or to cure a large number of illnesses. Some will be improved or stabilised, others treated and for most, symptoms will disappear. 


Fasting makes us realise what every food intake may represent. NLP and meditation help us with the possible daily urges.

Fasting and meditation can be strong tools to help you deal with stress. Ideal for busy lifestyles and entrepreneurs, I regularly help companies to improve wellbeing at work. 

Comfort food & Digestion 


“I was tired and upset, couldn't sleep well and was fed up of medicines.

I was too young to take sleeping pills!

A friend of mine came back from a consultation with Josephine and then a fasting retreat. He was so refreshed and energised, that it made me decide to give it a try ”

— Jasmine C.


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Consultations with Josephine take place in the comfort of your home or by video.

You can book directly by emailing or by calling.  


25 Balderton St,


 W1K 6TE, UK

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